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Tangible progress in speaking and understanding French in the shortest possible time ? Select DialoguE French Immersion.

DialoguE specialises in top-quality one-to-one language training.

Our French Immersion method produces the best results in the shortest possible time.

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French language skills and confidence

Dialogue French Immersion (including French Immersion for total beginners) will help you to communicate more effectively in French by improving your language skills and your confidence.

Intensive French one-to-one course

ALL our teaching is 1:1 – one trainer for each learner, for maximum intensity and value.

A fully tailor-made language course designed for you and with you

Our French Immersion Course will be designed around your individual interests and job requirements, and will be geared to your current level of French (even very advanced).

The maximum possible improvement

DialoguE will give you personal care and attention. We will make sure that you make the maximum amount of progress during your time on the course.

Complete Flexibility DialoguE

We offer complete flexibility in course length, intensity, and content.

Total Immersion from breakfast till bedtime

At DialoguE, you live with a family from morning till night. This true immersion allows you to make remarkable progress. A week at DialoguE Immersion Course means 70 hours of French immersion at the rate of 14 hours per day.

A week of French immersion course = 1 year of academic studies

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